Exports – Personal Effects Shipments

Shipping of Personal Effects need not be a difficult process, if you follow these guidelines, it should be simple and pain free process.


  • Ensure your goods are packed well, in a box or boxes.
  • Label each box with your name and the destination.
  • Measure the width, length and depth or each box – so we can calculate the size in cubic metres.
  • If the goods are very heavy – it may cost extra – the rates are based on either a cubic metre size or a certain weight.
  • Insurance – if you wish to insure your goods, we recommend you insure your goods for total loss. – we can arrange insurance for you.
  • Once your goods are packed and labelled – we will arrange pickup.
  • Freight forwarding of personal effects is to port only – so it will be up to you to arrange any customs clearance and/or delivery for your goods from the port of destination.
  • We must be paid before the goods are delivered to the depot.
  • All documents are sent to you via email as soon as the ship sails.


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